Tuesday, 28 April 2015

If We Took a Holiday...Oh yeah!

How about a TROPICAL escape?

Bright, vibrant, tropical florals and fauna are the keys to turning your home into a sunny faraway vacation.

We only need to have looked at the catwalks to see that this fresh summery trend would soon be entering our homes.

Image: Bloglovin'

How will you embrace this trend?

Dandylion Designs "Bossa Nova"

I’ll be making sure I add a little of Dandylion Designs “Bossa Nova” which captures the mood and the heady languor of summer with full blooms and sinuous palm trees swaying smoothly in soft sea breezes. I will imagine myself being whisked away on these zephyrs to stunning Copacabana, where I will enjoy the exotic sights and sounds while sipping a Caipirinha.

Bossa Nova Cassis

Bossa Nova Curacao

Bossa Nova Grenadine

Bossa Nova Sambuca

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